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Story of 2 guys narendra and rahul who want to enroll for foreign mba.

Hi Narendra, how are you?

Fine dude. I have decided to get a job as the university in USA wants job experience before admitting me for their course.

Don't get caught in these troubles, narendra. I have met fast consultants. There was this hot consultant there, manju. What a sweet voice and tight body. Manju has arranged my admission in a cool college in latvia. They are demanding a lot of money. but nothing good in life is cheap right ? My flight is next month.

Something is fishy rahul. What about Gmat test, interviews? This looks risky to me.

You are a pussycat narendra. You have got to take risk, to achieve something in life. I will send you a postcard. Man I can't wait to meet those european babes. In two years I am going to be a manager in a top mnc, while you rot in India.

"Narendra and Rahul meet in a nightclub after 2 years"

Hi Rahul. Long time no see. where are you working?

Don't ask buddy. The MBA is worthless. No company is ready to recruit me. These fast consultants have some type of arrangement, where they get money for enrolling students in these type of colleges. I lost 2 years of my life and also lot of money. I don't know what to do.

Don't lose hope rahul. Get in touch with a good career consultant. Also take this as a lesson, and be beware of such scams. You cannot achieve success in your career by spending money alone. You have to put in the effort also.

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